Apartment 3Refinancing your apartment loan and multifamily loan can be completed in multiple ways with Multifamily Loan Store.  We can provide access to long-term, low-rate apartment loan financing with amortizations as long as 25 years and fixed periods of up 5-10 years or we can help you with bridge loans for apartment refinances and even hard money loans for multifamily development refinance if necessary.

Cash-Out Refinance

Our apartment loan refinance programs allow for borrowers to take cash-out of stabilized projects and to us the money for repairs and/or upgrades to a property, multifamily loans for repositioning an appartment complex, financing for partner buy-outs of a multifamily development or for investment in the purchase of another apartment building, apartment complex or portfolio of multifamily developments.

Rate & Term Refinance

With our low, low-rate and long-term apartment financing, our borrowers are assured of a flexible loan term with the longest amortization periods possible.  Multifamily Loan Stores network includes funding channels to Insurance Conduits, Investment Banks and REITs that all want compete for solid, stabilized and cash-flowing multifamily real estate assets as collateral.

Brookhaven 1Bridge Loan Refinance

Multifamily Loan Store has Bridge Loan Apartment Loans for refinancing to receive quick cash out for almost any situation.  To find out more just check out our Bridge Loan Apartment Loan page.

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